Fantasia takes the stand in her boyfriend's divorce case

North Carolina: CNN is reporting that pop queen and American Idol winner Fantasia took the stand today in her boyfriend Antwuan Cook’s divorce and custody battle with his ex.

Fantasia takes the stand in boyfriend's divorce

Cook was sued for divorce by his wife Paula Cook and of course, Paula wants exclusive custody of the boy kid(s).¬†It is unclear what the nature of Fantasia’s testimony was, however, Fantasia is accused of being a home-wrecker by Paula who at one point threatened to sue Ms. Barrino for millions of dollars under North Carolina’s “alienation of affection” statute. Fantasia has denied being cognizant that Mr. Cook was married at the time of their liaison. However, pursuant to the laws of North Carolina, ignorance of the marriage is no excuse for alienation of affection. There was a subsequent attempted suicide by Fantasia, but she has bounced back nicely and is currently on tour promoting her newest album, “Back to me.”
My personal hunch is that the boyfriend does not stand a rats chance in hell of getting custody of those kids. But maybe it’s just me.