Padres John and Becky Moore threatened with public trial if they don't settle their divorce

John and Becky Moore divorce soon to go public?
A gag order is about to be lifted from the divorce between John and Becky Moores. The Padres Chairman and his wife have been trying to resolve their differences quietly for nearly 3 years but each time it looked like they would reach an amicable settlement, talks would break down. Now, according to Sign On San Diego, it looks like the judge has put the case down for a public trial next May:

John and Becky Moores have taken pains for most of the last three years to keep their high-stakes divorce case from airing in public.
They’ve hired a private mediator. They’ve signed a confidentiality agreement. A few days before their case was scheduled for public trial in March, they even had the trial called off by telling the judge that they had settled “the entire matter.”
That didn’t turn out to be true. So now San Diego Superior Court Judge Lorna Alksne is putting her foot down. She has put the Moores divorce case back on calendar for a six-week trial starting May 9. The case will go public then unless Becky and John Moores, the Padres chairman, this time are able to reach a settlement on how to divide their assets in the meantime.

Hopefully this will scare them into a settlement. Surely they don’t want to become Jamie and Frank Mccourt? Three years is long enough already, isn’t it? Read more here: