Charlie Sheen – Brooke Mueller Divorce updates November 23 2010

Charlie Sheen and Brooke Mueller’s divorce may not be final yet, however, there is drama in their lives anyways. Charlie was sued by porn star Capri Anderson for unlawful imprisonment, emotional distress and a bunch of other things after their shenanigans in a NYC hotel a few weeks ago ( a naked Capri called police from her cell to report that Charlie had gone on a rampage). Well now she is filing criminal charges and Charlie has counter-sued for extortion and there is word that Capri may pull back the petition (and a quiet pay off will likely go down). As for Brooke, she was photographed by X17 Online (or one of those paps) shopping with reality show vixen, Paris Hilton. There is some rumor that Paris and Brooke will be co-stars in a New Reality show to debut in a few months or so. Brooke, if you are wondering, seems pretty happy post-Charlie and the divorce is not exactly causing her to go into a deep depression. First of all, she comes out of it a rich woman. Second of all, it’s like Charlie, who?¬† There are clearly other fish in the sea for Ms. Mueller. Charlie and Denise will likely remarry sometime in 2011 and it’s pretty obvious that Brooke could care less. She’s like “god bless em.” ¬†(And you heard it here first, on Divorce Saloon).
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