Christina Milian gets a $4 million lump sum settlement from "The Dream"

The Los Angeles Times is reporting that Christina Milian and her music producer husband, The Dream have reached an out of court settlement in their divorce.

Christina Milian makes out like a bandit in divorce

Christina will get a generous $4 million settlement and $5,000 per month child support for daughter Violet. In exchange, she has signed a gag order agreement and cannot disclose any information regarding the divorce. Not a bad settlement considering they were married less than a year. But the big question is, why do these celebs insist on getting married if they are not ready to be married? Any marriage that lasts less than¬†5 years really shouldn’t even be considered a marriage. And less than a year? Please. No spousal support should be owed for that. That was not a marriage, IMHO.¬† Image credit: