Michigan Appeals court finds that lower court erred in banning divorced couples from having overnight dates with kids present

A Michigan Appeals court ruled that divorced parents are perfectly within their right to have overnight dates with their children present, and it is not “immoral” but that even if it is immoral, it has nothing to do with raising good kids. Associated Press:

Michigan appeals court says a judge exceeded her authority when she banned a divorced couple from spending nights with someone from the opposite sex if their children are present.The court says sex outside of marriage is not a sign of how a person will raise a child. A three-judge panel said today that Macomb County Circuit Judge Mary Chrzanowski (Shar-NOW’-ski) insisted on the provision because of her “own personal views of morality.”

That is doubly ridiculous because it bans only heterosexual overnight visits, leaving open the possibility of parents having overnights with same sex partners. Historically, if anything can be deemed immoral in these two scenarios, it would be the same sex overnights. And that is not considered immoral in the world we live in today. So that judge definitely lost her marbles with this ruling, IMHO and it is good that the Appeals court caught it and fixed the problem. Now, if there are multiple overnights with different partners of either gender, could that mitigate this rule? At some point, it arguably could impact the children if the parents’ sexual behavior is hypersexual. That would be beyond the pale, wouldn’t it? And therefore not in the children’s best interest?