Open letter to Oprah: Ms. Winfrey, you need a divorce show in your OWN line up

Dear Oprah:
You are set to launch OWN in January 2011 at midday and you have quite an impressive line up of stars and shows. The only thing missing is a Divorce Talk Show. There is no other divorce talk show on TV at the moment. There is “divorce court” but not a divorce talk show with a “view-like” or “the doctors” type of panel of hosts who discuss divorce issues.
We, at Divorce Saloon, think that a divorce talk show could be VERY successful if it is done right and if it strikes the right balance between offering resources and tips, to tracking trends across the globe, to a little bit of celeb divorce gossip thrown in for good measure. Sort of what we already are doing on this divorce blog.
We at Divorce Saloon, a global divorce blog created in 2008 2006  would love to pitch our idea for a Divorce Talk Show to you. Tell us where to send our proposal or contact us for more details. No, seriously. We are very, very serious. LOL.
Yours, etc.
Divorce Saloon