The best little courthouse in America: El Paso Court brings in full body scanners to protect judges from angry, gun-toting divorce litigants

Say what you want about those full body scans and searches by the TSA but now, some courts across the country are bringing in these scanners to screen visitors to the court, and litigants too. In El Paso and Douglas Counties in the state of Colorado, for instance, these scanners are now a part of the experience and everyone has to submit to them. The reason cited, per Associated Press:

The new security techniques are meant to thwart plots by would-be terrorists to use liquid explosives and bombs hidden in shoes and inside underwear. Court observers note that the threat in a courtroom is somewhat different.¬†“What we are still worried about at a courthouse is angry divorce litigants with a gun,” said Sam Kamin, a law professor at the University of Denver Sturm College of Law. “Metal detectors are pretty good at that.”
Still, court officials note that evolving technology in materials, including plastic guns and knives, aren’t detected by the 1970s technology of metal detectors.
“Although we have no current plans for deployment, the U.S. Marshals Service believes in the technology,” said Washington-based Michael Prout, assistant director for judicial security for the U.S. marshals. “We will continue to explore the use of body scanners as a security measure for the federal judiciary.”

Of course, there have been litigants who gunned down their attorneys in parking lots or other venues outside the courtroom. And there have been cases of them gunning down the judge as well. And certainly, they gun down their spouse too. But the good thing with these new security measures is that you can rest comfortably with the knowledge that they can’t gun you down in the courthouse. Unless, of course, they bring in explosives hidden in their anal or other body cavities. It is not clear if the scanners would be able to detect those. But kudos to the courts in Colorado (the best little courthouse in America) for taking this extra precautionary step.
Say, do you think that body cavity searches will be the next step? Will airlines and court-houses subject folks to body cavity searches as a way to improve security? Could that day ever come?
Whatever the case, thank god the courts are waking up to this real and present danger. The El Paso and Douglas courthouses are officially the best little courthouses in America.