Divorce can be a side effect of your career success

Was your divorce a side effect of your career success?

side effect of your career
Was your divorce a side effect of your career success? Let’s use Camille Grammer as a case study. When she burst onto the public scene a few years back with her debut on Real Housewives of Beverly Hills  her tag line was something to the effect of “it’s time to get out of my husband [Kelsey Grammer’s] shadow. But just as she started to gain some traction on the show, Kelsey pulled the rug from under her and a) moved to New York to star in a show of his own, La Cage Aux Folles and  b) got a new girlfriend, asked Camille for a divorce, and moved into a palatial Manhattan apartment with the girlfriend, a twenty-something former flight attendant, who, for a New York minute, was pregnant for the funnyman.
The timing of his choices, I daresay, were insensitive, at best. It made me wonder whether Kelsey was jealous of Camille and whether he couldn’t handle her “getting out from under his shadow” and so therefore he did everything he possibly could to make her look like a fool. Thus, in effect, Camille’s success almost pushed her into a divorce situation. Or, in other words, her divorce was a side effect of her success.
This happens, you know. Interestingly, it is usually the husband who cannot handle the wife’s success more than it is the wife who cannot handle the husband’s success. What is up with that? Women love for their husbands to be successful. Camille never ceased to brag about Kelsey’s accomplishments every chance she got. She liked for everyone to know that he was a successful actor and a respected member of their community; she liked to one up the other women on the show by pitting her husband against their husband. And of course she fell on her sword and maybe she deserved it, maybe she didn’t. I don’t know.
What I do know is that there are many cases involving famous and not so famous women who lost their husbands as they became more successful. It’s like, divorce is literally a side effect of the woman’s success in a way that it isn’t for most guys. It doesn’t even seem to matter if they man met the woman and she was already more successful than he. Even if he goes ahead and marries that woman, eventually her success will get in the way of the “health” of their marriage. But if her success comes after marriage, this is almost fatal in a situation where the man is not as successful. However, even if he is already successful, some guys almost need to have that chasm between his accomplishments and that of his wife for the marriage to last. It is the very evolved man that can truly appreciate an “equal” in terms of career success, I think. Many would disagree with me. But in my experience, altogether too many women lose their marriage (aka get divorced) just when they begin to experience some career success. That is why I came to the conclusion that divorce can be a side effect of success.
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