Does Brooke Mueller's post-divorce gag order prevent her from talking to NYPD about Charlie & Capri Anderson

Charlie and Capri had a wild night in NYC back in November and now it looks like the NYPD is taking Capri’s allegations that Charlie assaulted her seriously. According to the Post, the NYPD has reached out to Charlie’s ex wife Brooke Mueller to get her to talk to them about the assault incident with Charlie last Christmas in Aspen Colorado. That incident led to Brooke and Charlie’s divorce. Now the NYPD wants the low down from Brooke but she’s refusing to spill the beans. Could this be a part of the gag order she reportedly sign with Charlie? Besides, why would they bother with Brooke when ex wife Denise was the one who was in town with Charlie at the time and staying in the same hotel to boot? Denise has admitted on the Oprah Show that Charlie is prone to violent episodes and other inappropriate shenanigans. That is exactly why Denise divorced Charlie in the first place. So why bother Brooke? Why doesn’t the NYPD simply speak with Denise?¬† Image: