GOP to focus on social issues such as divorce laws according to Associated Presss

The GOP to change the divorce laws? Yes, according to the AP:

Although fixing the economy is the top priority, Republicans who won greater control of state governments in this month’s election are considering how to pursue action on a range of social issues, including abortion, gun rights and even divorce laws….
House Judiciary Committee Chairman Lance Kinzer, who serves on Brownback’s transition team, said action against embryonic stem cell research and to allow “covenant” marriages, which are harder to dissolve than standard marriages, are likely to be considered, too.

¬†That should be interesting. Luckily divorce and family law are the province of the state and it’s not like the GOP can enact uniform divorce laws in the country. That would really upset state sovereignty proponents to no end if the GOP tried to federalize the divorce laws in any way. And as we’ve noted, divorce rates are actually dropping. So why would the GOP even make this an issue? Aren’t there more important and pressing matters to worry about?….although, maybe I can understand if they think the institution of marriage is in a bit of a quandary. Even though the divorce rates are dropping, it’s still worrisome, the state of marriage and family in this country….sometimes I worry about becoming a conservative republican. First, I started to understand their vehement defense of the Second Amendment due to the fact that I now live in the South and understand why a gun is absolutely essential to protect self and property….and now, I also find myself getting all concerned about the traditions of marriage and family and the whole divorce rate situation, and all of that. Am I morphing into a Republican? Or what?
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