Nicole Murphy made a mistake when she divorced Eddie Murphy – huge tax lien owed

Eddie Murphy’s ex wife Nicole Murphy reportedly received upwards of $15 million dollars in a divorce settlement, but according to the New York Post she owes the IRS nearly a quarter million dollars. The blue eyed beauty dated Michael Strahan, post-divorce and at one point, he allegedly had GPS on the car she drove to keep track of her goings and comings. Nicole still owns a mansion in Calabasas California that is on the market for about $7 Million. The back taxes are from 2005-2008. She divorced Eddie in 2006 and they have a truck load of kids over whom she enjoys custody so presumably, she receives a healthy amount of child support which should help her pay that back tax lien. So this is very confusing why she’s allowed herself to get into this rut. Wow. I remember back in the 80’s when Eddie was a huge star and he said, and this is a verbatim quote “I would have married her without a prenup.” I remember that. And I was a high school kid at the time and it struck me, like, “wow! He really loves her.” Wonder what happened? Why they divorced? Wonder if she’s sorry now? Wonder if she thinks they made a mistake? Image: