KEEPING UP WITH HUFFPOST DIVORCE: Christmas tree bomber blames parents' divorce? WT_?

According to Huffpost, the teenage bomber in Oregon last week (he tried to detonate a bomb he thought was fake but was actually real….no, that was the other way around, he thought it was real but it was actually fake, the kid may have been upset about his parents’ divorce. (This story was printed last week but we, as usual, can’t keep up with HuffPost as much as we would like 🙂 ) But, says HuffPost quoting the Daily News:

Oregon’s teenage Christmas-tree bomber wannabe was his immigrant mom’s golden boy until his terrorist fervor took hold and was possibly intensified by anger over his parents’ divorce, friends said yesterday.
Suspected Somali-born fiend Mohamed Osman Mohamud, 19, was “a good kid who made good grades” but may have been shaken by the summer 2009 breakup of his parents, Mariam and Osman Barre, said neighbor Stephanie Napier.
“[Mariam Barre] always talked so good about him,” Napier told The Oregonian newspaper.
But “with his folks splitting up, who knows?” added the neighbor’s husband, Adam.

today in federal court on charges that he plotted — but never got the chance — to detonate what was actually a bogus car bomb at a crowded Portland tree-lighting ceremony Friday.

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