Olivier Sarkozy divorce: Brother of Nicolas Sarkozy involved in nasty divorce fight in New York

French President Nicolas Sarkozy’s brother Olivier in divorce food fight over prenup with soon to be ex wife Charlotte

Olivier Sarkozy and his soon to be ex wife Charlotte are going to bat over a prenup signed in France back in the 1990’s, now that the couple are getting divorced. It appears that Charlotte’s well to do parents wanted her to sign the prenup because at the time, her husband, Olivier, brother of French president Nicolas Sarkozy, didn’t have a lot of money at the time. However, a lot as changed and he has a chi chi job with the Carlyle Group here in New York and he’s making mega beaucoup bucks and now Charlotte wants the prenup tossed. Here’s the New York Post on the issue:

lawyer for the 40-year-old Charlotte, Robert Stephan Cohen, opened his offensive by telling Manhattan Supreme Court Justice Laura Drager that when Olivier returned to his homeland in 1997 to sign the prenup, he “had not been in France for some 20 years” because his passport had been taken away for failing to serve in the military.
Olivier’s lawyer, Robert Michaels, said his client had flown in specifically to sign the deal “because he was summoned by his future father-in-law,” who was concerned about protecting his daughter’s stake in a family trust because the pair had known each other for only three months.
Cohen also contended that the prenup should be voided because the couple hadn’t met certain conditions it called for, including getting married in France.
He said the pair tied the knot in Nantucket in October 1997 and had “a fake marriage” in France two months later.
The service in Neuilly-sur-Siene was presided over by then-MayorNicolas Sarkozy but had no legal effect, Cohen said.
Michaels maintained that where the couple was living and where they were married wasn’t important — they signed the deal in France, and French law should apply.

I have to side with Olivier on this. His wife’s lawyer’s arguments sound pretty lame. What does where he was living have to do with the validity of the prenup? Unless, of course, French law dictates that in order for a prenup signed and executed in that country to be valid, the parties have to live there? I doubt strongly the law says anything to that effect. It is just a brazen attempt by Charlotte and her attorneys to muscle more money from Olivier than she is entitled to, per their agreement. As for this requirement of getting married in France…that might be valid, but it appears the couple did in fact have a ceremony in France to cement the marriage and the prenup. So what is Charlotte’s camp talking about?
I wonder if Robert Stephan Cohen is a super lawyer? If he is, then obviously, he must know something that I don’t and he will find a way to get more money out of Olivier by hook or crook. But if he is not a superlawyer, and he really is just bluffing, if I were Olivier and Olivier’s lawyer, I’d call the bluff. Cause this just sounds preposterous to me.
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