Reese Witherspoon dishes about her divorce in Glamour Magazine, 01/11

The preternaturally beautiful Reese Witherspoon is featured in Glamour Magazine January, 2011 and she dishes about her 2008 divorce from Ryan Phillippe. She seems to have a healthy attitude towards the whole thing, to her credit, to wit:

GLAMOUR: I read that the median age for women who get divorced for the first time is right around 30 years old….
REESE WITHERSPOON: [Laughs.] There’s this great book called How to Get Divorced by 30. It’s hysterical. I’ve read it a couple of times. And I think I could have written it.
GLAMOUR: So what advice would you give a woman who is going through something like that?
REESE WITHERSPOON: I always say that it’s very important not to blame one person. You have to own whatever part of it you’re responsible for. It takes a lot of soul-searching. It’s important to go through that, because hopefully you won’t repeat yourself.

Kudos to her for being so grown up about the whole thing. And it’s great that she is playing the field a bit and not rushing into marriage again.  She can literally play the field for another decade before tying the knot again. Don’t you think? Image: