Scream 4 actress Neve Campbell: All I want for Christmas is a big, fat divorce

TMZ has reported that Scream 4 actress Neve Campbell (remember her? She used to be on Party of Five) has filed for divorce from her husband of 3 years John Light. She cited irreconcilable differences as the grounds. The only kicker is this: Neve actually filed nearly six months ago! And TMZ is only now telling us about it. Isn’t that incredibly remiss on TMZ’s part? If we can’t depend on them to do their job and get us the dirt, stat, as soon as it breaks, who’s going to give us all the divorce gossip in Hollywood? I mean, there’s always HuffPost, but they seem to get a lot of their leads from TMZ. So TMZ definitely dropped the ball with this one and I for one think we should bring the editors in for a verbal schlacking. Six months after the fact is just unacceptable, TMZ. I mean, not for nothing, but I’m just saying.

That said, I should point out that TMZ posits that Neve and John had an AMICABLE divorce and it is probably true since nobody heard anything about it till now. Hopefully, the judge will sign off on it soon so that Neve can get herself a new boyfriend for Christmas.