LONDON: Twice-divorced socialite Wallis Simpson's jewelry fetch record prices in London

When King Edward VIII abdicated the British throne circa 1937, he did so to marry a 40 year old DIVORCED American socialite named Wallis Simpson. Yesterday, Sotheby’s held an auction of a slew of baubles formerly belonging to Ms. Simpson. The Associated Press:

A set of jewels once owned by American socialite Wallis Simpson – the woman who wooed King Edward VIII from the British throne – fetched nearly 8 million pounds ($12.5 million) at auction late Tuesday. Sotheby’s said it sold the entire complement of 20 brooches, bracelets and other gems, highlights of which included an onyx and diamond Cartier bracelet in the shape of a panther; a jewel-encrusted flamingo clip and a heart-shaped brooch with the initials W.E. – Wallis and Edward – commissioned for the couple’s 20th wedding anniversary.
The dramatic, emerald-eyed panther bracelet was the star of the sale, despite a few missing stones. Sotheby’s said it sold for 4.5 million pounds, the highest price it’d ever received for a bracelet at auction.

 So for those divorcées pushing 40 who think they can never find love again? Rubbish. If he is the “one” he will drop everything, including the British monarchy, to be with you. King Edward is hardly the first or the last man to give it all up for love. And it does not matter if the woman is 100, if she is ugly, or if she a “nobody.” Love ultimately trumps it all. And when a man loves a woman, he just loves her. You remember that: when they love you, they love. (And when they don’t may god help you.) So don’t worry, all you middle aged divorcées! There’s hope for you yet!  🙂