SOUTH KOREA: Divorce becomes "harder" to get

Now that North Korea threw a bomb at South Korea the other day, things are a bit tense in that region and so North Korea has been front and center on World News Tonight with Diane Sawyer (one of my guilty pleasures). So, you know how I get, I always try to find a divorce angle for everything. So I dug a bit and I was reading this article on Reuters¬†¬†about divorce in South Korea (I hope that is what the link is because this has been in draft a couple of weeks) and it seems that the government has made divorce a bit harder in the country and has changed the laws to stop the sort of “drive through” divorces that were going on. The article is called, South Korea cools off on hot-headed speedy divorce and prior to the law’s enactment in 2009, it seems South Koreans could get a divorce in under one hour. Talk about the ultimate no fault jurisdiction, eh?
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