Divorce Food: Wedding cake bloopers can actually be a divorce omen

For the life of me, I find nothing amusing about wedding cake bloopers and it is bewildering how many people think these mishaps are funny. And I am someone with a very well developed sense of humor. I love a good laugh. But those are not funny at all. There are tons of videos on YouTube, for instance, showing people’s wedding cakes going completely to bits and everyone seems to think it’s just absolutely hilarious. Everyone is cracking up. Everyone, that is, except me. (For that matter, even without the bloopers, I find it difficult to understand the ritual of having the bride and groom smear wedding cake all over each other’s faces.)   I usually look at that stuff, speechless. I think the wedding cake blooper is particularly worrisome: when your cake literally explodes, or it comes apart in pieces when you try to cut it, or it falls to the floor, or the table upon which it is standing just implodes – stuff like that? BAD LUCK. That is what I think. And for people to crack up about that? For your guests to crack up? I don’t know. I personally would never talk to them again for the rest of my life.
But I really take it further because not only is it not funny, I really think that wedding bloopers, and wedding cake bloopers in particular, could signal bad luck for that couple. It is a harbinger of divorce, I think. No, seriously. It’s a sign. It really is. Obviously, I haven’t done an empirical study to see how many people whose weddings and wedding cakes went awry actually wound up divorced. But I would not be surprised to learn that it is the vast majority of people.
Now, it’s not like I’m saying that a person should run out and file for divorce because their wedding cake blew up. But I am saying prepare yourself for the tornado. Because once it hits (and it will hit) there’s going to be a lot of damage.
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