Your first post-divorce date: A few tips for the rusty

So, you have a hot date tonight. The first one since your divorce. You are nervous as hay, and may be a bit unsure of yourself. Well, here are some easy tips to help you have a perfect date:

Preliminaries: everything starts with your thoughts and how you feel about yourself and about life. So, first, think beautiful thoughts. Block out the past to the extent you can – the ex, the divorce, the pain, the self-doubt and the feelings of inadequacy and unattractiveness. Chant, “I am beautiful! I am worthy!” all during the day leading up to your date. Practice a few flirtatious little moves, like, batting your eyelashes or gracefully picking up a fork, or smiling. Literally think happy thoughts all day. You deserve to be happy, just remember that. 🙂 
Smile tips:To instantly have a dazzling smile for your date, try a bit of baking soda instead of toothpaste, floss, then squish with Rembrandt’s whitening mouthwash. It’s a miraculous thing.
Wardrobe: select something that you are comfortable in and that fits your best asset well. So if your girls are the best part of you, show just a tiny little bit of decolletage, but don’t overwhelm and look like a hussy. Don’t send the wrong message. Just a little taste, that’s all you need to divulge. Maybe your small waist is your best asset, so wear something with a belt that showcases that. Same with your legs. If you have great legs, choose something that shows them off, but minimize other parts (let’s say you have a bit of a pouch, then you want to choose a looser outfit at the waist).
Exercise tip: Just before you jump in the shower, do twenty simple leg lifts. Wish I could draw a diagram, but what works wonders for moi, is you stand at the sink as if you are doing the dishes and you extend each leg outwards twenty times each, squeezing your tush real tight while you do the lift. (Do 3 sets on each leg.) This will make your buns feel very tight and toned for your date even if you haven’t been exercising in a really long time.
Conversation: Try to figure out non-controversial go to topics, like ballroom dancing, or travelling, art,  (eschew politics, religion and your ex and even work) and other pop culture activities. Check out Google and Yahoo trends prior to the date to see what is trending so that you can break the ice if there is a dearth of things to talk about (that may be a sign this is not the wrong person for you but still you want to have ready topics in your mind to talk about so there aren’t too many awkward pauses.)
Location – if you want to have fun, you and your date should probably discuss the location. Guys like to choose the location for the first few dates but thoughtful ones usually consult with the lady prior to making arrangements. Why be stuck bowling or playing golf or shooting guns if that is not your thing? Always better to try to have some input prior to the date so that the location selected is pleasing to both people.
Alcohol & sex: On a first date, it is never a good idea to have too much to drink especially if this is someone you don’t know. Likewise, with very few exceptions, sex on the first date is never a good idea. No matter how depressed you are about your divorce, try your very best not to break the alcohol and sex rule on your first post-divorce date.
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