The thong

Can your choice of panties lead to divorce?

Why, oh why do I always have to bring up stuff I can’t follow through on? First of all, what do thongs have to do with divorce? Not a darn thing more than likely. I can’t imagine, even in my most off the wall ruminations, that a woman’s panties could have anything to do with her divorce,(except maybe if she strictly wears grannie panties – which, just between you and me, rock). But that doesn’t stop me from throwing the two concepts together to try to come up with an original post. But then I get stumped. I think “what about it? What do you have to say? What do panties thongs have to do with divorce?”
I don’t know! Look, doing this blog and coming up with original stuff is not easy, alright. Sometimes I am going to come up with nonsensical stuff, like right about now…..
Well, see, my whole big thing is, almost anything can cause a divorce to manifest, right? If someone wants out, they can use any excuse. Including thongs.
Let me free associate a bit….I think that, if a husband wanted his wife to wear thongs? And she’s really more of a fruit of the loom/Hanes girl? I think this could be a problem in a marriage. Then maybe he will go out and find girls who wear thongs and then this is adultery which is an even bigger problem.
Conversely, some men are very puritanical and they don’t like their wives or girlfriends to wear “thongs.” Know what I mean? It seems strangely perverse and wanton to them. And so this idea of his lady wearing a thong is a problem. Particularly if she never used to wear thongs and all of a sudden, she’s wearing thongs. It’s kind of like, what the hell is going on? Why are you wearing that trashy underwear? And this could indirectly lead to divorce, I’m thinking. I mean, frankly, I never did understand the thong myself. What is the objective of it I keep asking myself? Like, why? Solely to torture? What is the thong for? For whom does it toll? It’s like, arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrgh!
Ok. Let me stop there. I have free associated enough on this issue. This was probably lame, this whole post. I am sure that thongs have never factored in a single divorce anywhere in the world. They sure do look and feel ridiculous though, I gotta say. And it made for a titillating post title. So there.
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