New York Magazine writes that "divorce lawyers should thank Mark Zuckerberg for his portal to infidelity"

Much ado has been made about the effect that facebook is having on the nation’s marriages. For some strange reason, cheating spouses seem to have an affinity for the social media network and use it to perpetrate their adulterous trysts. Even the American Academy of Matrimonial lawyers has weighed in with statistics of how many divorce lawyers are using Facebook to win divorce cases – a particularly bewildering situation, since the entire nation is no fault and there is no need anymore to prove cheating in ANY jurisdiction in this country.

Nevertheless, here’s NYM on the Facebook/divorce dichotomy:

Facebook’s toll on the institution of marriage is no surprise to Cedric Miller of the Living World Christian Fellowship Church, who called it a “portal to infidelity” for enabling users to reconnect with former lovers. There’s a lot of emphasis on exes. But what about the access social networks can provide to potential new lovers? Features like “People You Might Want to Cheat With Later If Things Aren’t Going So Well” represents a potentially untapped market. For Facebook, we mean.

So, are you saying that facebook in fact has a feature called “people you might want to cheat with later if things aren’t going so well?” is that for real? Or is the author of the piece just giving them ideas?
Well, whatever the case may be, it seems well settled that facebook is bad news for cheaters who want to stay married. Frankly, why does anybody get on facebook?
(Failure to capitalize facebook is an intentional mistake, sort of. Sorry.) But I am having trouble getting why folks insist on putting their dirty laundry up on facebook. Are you on facebook? Am I the only person not on facebook?