SPORTS DIVORCE NEWS: Nebraska's messy Big 12 divorce nears its climactic end

The king of film conspiracy theories would find willing subjects in some Cornhuskers fans. They have begun to view their short-term Big 12 relationship with suspicion. 
Nebraska fans will migrate south to Cowboys Stadium on Saturday, with one eye on the conference championship trophy and the other on the exit to the Big Ten
“From a fan standpoint, they look at the Big 12 with a rather negative view,” said Kevin Kugler, a Nebraska graduate and drive-time host on sports radio 1620 The Zone in Omaha. “This is a fan base that feels fortunate about leaving the Big 12, that is happy to leave the Big 12. 
“The large majority are thrilled to get out.” 
Defensive back Alfonzo Dennard, part of arguably the nation’s best secondary, said the Cornhuskers feel isolated. Read more.