I guess you could say that I was inspired to write this post after a recent trip to the tropics (I had recession fever among other issues and had to get out of town for a few days so as to stop myself from throwing chairs and otherwise going ape). And so, being that this is the cheapest time to travel now that nobody can afford to travel, I decided to take advantage and treat myself to a nice trip. So I was lying on the beach looking all fat (I don't care!) in my string bikini, and I was contemplating the blue horizon, and my life. And I thought, hme….maybe people who recently went through a divorce ought to think about visiting a spa or traveling as a Rx for more speedy recovery. Surely, if you were looking at the view I am looking at right now, I don't see how anything in the world could bring you down; not even a divorce. So, here are a couple of destinations (inclusive of this one) that you may enjoy as you recuperate from your divorce. Who ever said that you should only go to romantic places on your honeymoon? 
First up, Ecuador. I found this great trip in Budget Travel's article  “Scaling a Volcano” by Scott Hutchins. It sounds really interesting for the brave of heart (counts me out I'm a wuss).  I don't know if this is a trip you want to take alone, frankly, especially if you are of the female persuasion. So grab a friend (preferably male so he can fight off the mountain bears) and pull them with you. Apparently, there are several active volcanoes in Ecuador including Tungurahua and Sangay. But it is suggested that you go to El Altar instead since that one does not erupt and it's “snow-capped” peaks are the stuff of legends. Climb it all the way up to the lake, which I believe is called Laguna Amarilla. By the time you get back, your divorce will just be so distant, you will smile for ever feeling so depressed. Where to stay? Well, how about the Hacienda Releche or theLuna Runtun in Banos de Agua Santawhich is a spa resort near the volcanos? That way you can gather volcanic ash in a bottle and bring it home for at home spa treatments or maybe even seances. It will obliterate all the toxicity of the divorce, believe me. And it will young you up. Doesn’t that sound divine? 
Next up, Zanzibar Island. I had heard really good things about Zanzibar, a country in Southern Africa on the Indian Ocean for years and have always been curious to visit it personally. Well, Zanzibar is gorgeous. It is really a series of islands such as stone town,  called Unguja and Pemba.
You can stay at the Mövenpick Beach & SpaResort or the Mrembo Spa. I particularly like Mrembo which means “sophisticated woman; woman who likes to pamper herself.” Here is how the brochure describes the spa:
It is a place where you can spend an entire day pampering yourself with various treatments, sip ginger/lemongrass tea and learn about Henna and other Zanzibari traditions whilst listening to the melodious sounds of Taarab music. Being introduced to the mysterious smell of  “Udi” incense made out of sugar, rosewater and musk you can shop local crafts made of Ukili (wild date palm), Kanga wear and all  scrubs, oils, incenses, soaps and fresh flowers used at Mrembo, tastefully wrapped to make the perfect gifts to take home.
 Ko Samui Island, Thailand
Ko Samui is also called the “Island of Spas in the Gulf of Thailand.” There is something for every divorcee who is looking for ways to cleanse her body and mind, beautify herself and receive “therapies” that will help you adjust to life as a divorcee (or even if you just recently broke up with your boyfriend.) Try Banburee Spa or Sila Evason Hideaway.
Prague is a very old city with very modern ways. There are tons of spas there for someone who is traveling solo. I found this one called the Mandarin Oriental which is built on the site of a 14th Century monastery. Actually, this is how it is described in the brochures:
We offer you a rare retreat in the quiet cobbled streets of Mala Strana. Built on the site of a former 14th century monastery, with high contemporary design blending seamlessly with period architectural features, Mandarin Oriental, Prague is a luxury hotel and a beautifully preserved piece of history.
I say get on a plane and go there. Why not? Other than a lack of money, I don't think there is any excuse.
Marrakech Have you heard of the Riads in Marrakech?  Two, in particular, the Riad Siad and the Riad Lydines are said to be real oases that give the spa treatment in continental Africa. Read the brochure about Riad Si Said and tell me it is not the perfect place to recoup after a divorce:
"In the red tiled hammam at Riad Si Said, Khanittha from Phuket washes me with savon noir, black soap made from roasted cocoa and palm oil. As the small room fills with steam I can just see her outline as she scrubs and rolls my skin with coarse mittens until I'm left pink, gleaming and slightly raw. The blissful massage that follows uses Thai stretching techniques, with thumbs concentrating on the spine and joints to boost circulation, and a Banyan Tree blend of lemongrass and lavender oils. I'm brought round by the sound of a brass bell (to send away unwanted spirits, explains Khanittha) and sip ginger tea..."
Images courtesy of Flick Creative Commons