Is Fergie the beyatch wife from hell? She allegedly threatened to divorce Josh Duhamel if he didn't do as she says

Is Fergie the beyatch wife from hell?
The New York Post just ran this story about Fergie and Josh:

Fergie had support from the men in her life, including husband Josh Duhamel and Black Eyed Peas bandmates and Taboo, as she received the Woman of the Year award at the Billboard Women in Music event yesterday. But she almost tossed Duhamel from his seat when he expressed loyalty to the Minnesota Vikings as the hosts talked up the Peas’ upcoming Super Bowl performance. “She whipped her head around and corrected him, yelling, ‘Go Dolphins!’ ” said a witness. Fergie, who’s a minority owner of the team, later jokingly threatened to divorce Duhamel unless he yelled “Go Dolphins” during a Q&A at the event with “Today” show host Ann Curry. We’re happy to report he did as requested.

Sounds slightly scary, doesn’t it? Even in jest, this could speak volumes about that relationship.¬† And where there is smoke there’s usually fire. She seems to be kidding about divorcing her husband if he doesn’t act as her poppet. But often times, people who make jokes like this are totally serious. Hopefully, Fergie is the exception and all is well with that marriage.