Why doesn't Ellen Barkin leave ex-husband Ron Perelman alone?

Is Ellen Barkin a woman scorned? Her ex husband, billionaire Ron Perelman has moved on and married a doctor recently, but it doesn’t stop Ellen from continuing her divorce combat that dates back to, circa, 1800. Not to be obnoxious or anything, but when is enough enough?¬†
(If this was obnoxious, I’m sorry. I’ve got pms.) The thing is, Ellen got $20 million settlement and she went back for more, claiming he promised to fund this production company of hers and the New York Appellate Division found in her favor, awarding her an additional $4.3 million post-divorce. Says the New York Post:

Makeup magnate Ron Perelman is refusing to let his ex-wife Ellen Barkinstick it to him in court over money. He’s vowing to fight on after the State Appellate Division yesterday said the billionaire Revlon head has to fork over the $4.3 million-plus he agreed to pay the “Sea of Love” star’s production company, Applehead, in 2006. While Barkin, who earlier won a $20 million divorce settlement, was celebrating yesterday’s ruling, Perelman — who wed Dr. Anna Chapmanlast month — was preparing for the next round in their legal battle by alleging Applehead was mismanaged. His spokeswoman, Christine Taylor, told us, “We still maintain Ms. Barkin should not be entitled to any additional money beyond the enormous settlement she received five years ago
Honestly, Ellen is a hot tamale and she can find a ton of work in Hollywood and she already got $20 million. What more does she want from this make up mogul? Just because he’s a billionaaaaaaaaaaire doesn’t mean he’s made of money, Ellen!
Well, legally, if he promised to pay, he really should pay. But still. Ellen ought to find another billionaire to sink her manicure into. Like Carlos Slim. Isn’t he single? And he’s the richest man in the world. He’ll be on Larry King tonight. Ellen ought to conveniently hang around the studios. She might get lucky. And then it will be like, Ron who?
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