Will Carrie Bradshaw be the world's first jilted bride turned divorcee?

Tonight I watched a re-run of Sex and the City on cable, the one with Jennifer Hudson, and the one where Carrie Bradshaw got jilted by Big. It’s a great episode and I really enjoyed it. But it got me to thinking about itĀ from a divorce context, of course, and I wondered whether in the next movie, whether Big will divorce Carrie (or Carrie will divorce big?) Because the last movie I saw, with the girls taking a trip to, where was it, Bahrain? They (Carrie and Big) didn’t seem all that happy. And, of course, you know where that usually ends up.
I wonder if there’s ever been a woman who found herself jilted and then later divorced from the same man? She would probably never stop kicking herself for going ahead and marrying this man after he left her at the altar. If that is not the loudest speech a man can make to a woman, I don’t know what is. Sure, Carrie and Big are just pop culture personalities and it definitely says a lot that I’m even talking about them (too much free time, peut etre?) But I do declare that Carrie made a big mistake by marrying Big and that marriage will end in divorce one of these days.
It is the ambivalence. Big’s ambivalence. He was never 100% sure it was what he wanted. Carrie should have listened. We will see the big divorce in their next movie, guaranteed.
That said, what a great array of wedding gowns that were featured, eh? It’s like bridal porn. If such a thing even exists….
Okay. Now I have to figure out where to file this one…..it’s not exactly “divorce news” is it?….celebs. I think I will file it in Celebs.
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