New York superlawyer Robert Cohen makes brazen argument on behalf of Olivier Sarkozy

Slowly, I’m amassing a list of superlawyers in the field of divorce. As they come into the news for newsworthy cases, I am going to highlight them and point them out, and do a paean, of sorts, to them, since, in my next life, it’s what I want to be when I grow up – a divorce superlawyer. I can name only a handful of divorce superlawyers, but that’s going to change. So far, I recognize names like Raoul Felder in New York, Laura Allison Wasser in California, Fiona Shackleton in UK, Richard Orsinger in Texas and a few others. Now, I want to add to the list, Robert Cohen. Robert Cohen has handled some high profile divorce cases in New York such as that of the Trumps (Marla and Ivana hired him) and Christie Brinkley. I believe he unsuccessfully tried to get Donald and Ivana’s prenup tossed by attacking the document with centrifugal force, to no avail, since it was pretty much etched in stone and Ivana left that marriage with exactly what she contracted to in the prenup with the Donald.
Now, Mr. Cohen is at it again. This time he is trying to get the prenup between French president Nicolas Sarkozy’s half brother Olivier and his wife Charlotte nullified. But on what basis? Highly specious ones, I would argue. I am holding my breath to see if he can pull it off though. If he does, he goes on my permanent list of the 25 best divorce lawyers across the globe. (Working on putting that together but if you already have the information and want to write the article, I’d be just as happy to just link to it and save myself the trouble.)
I digressed.
So, yes, Mr. Cohen. I was reading over at Family Lore(John Bolch is so funny!) that Cohen is known as the “pitbull.” I am sure he’s earned that reputation, if in fact he’s called that. I don’t know the man. But I do think that the prenup argument in this case is weak. I would be stunned if he gets it tossed. But as I said, it’s about skill. If he’s skilled enough….Here’s the UK Telegraph on Cohen:

But Mrs Sarkozy’s lawyer, Robert Cohen – whose previous clients have included the supermodel Christie Brinkley and two former wives of property magnate Donald Trump – argued in the Manhattan Supreme Court last week that as the couple lived in New York, New York law should apply to their estate.
He argued that New York was their long-term home, that they had never lived in France together or even married there.
If he persuades the court that New York law applies, their assets would effectively be divided equally in a divorce settlement.

‘Course, even if he does get the prenup toss, this idea that the assets would be “divided equally” is erroneous. New York is an “equitable distribution” state, not a community property state. Equitable distribution does not mean half. Not usually. She’ll get what’s fair. And a judge could decide that what is “fair’ is pretty close to what she would have gotten with or without a prenup. That could mean she gets even less than the prenup would have gotten her. Unlikely. But possible.
But yea. Cohen is known as a superlawyer. So he’s on our temporary list. If he wins this argument about the prenup, he goes on the permanent list. In the meantime, do you know Mr. Cohen? Have you had a case against him? Would love to hear from you. Do you think he’s got the goods? Or is he a superlawyer in name only?