UK: Indian man whose wife asks for divorce hires hitman goons to kill wife with machete

A horrific case of spousal abuse and murder in UK
An Indian woman, Geeta Aulakh, was hacked to death in UK by three assassins who were paid by her husband Harpreet Aulakh, to murder her after she asked him for a divorce. He apparently thought she was having an affair and cheating on him so when she asked for a divorce, it flew him over the edge and he hired hit men from his native country to cut her to bits. The attack was so ferocious that “her hands were severed in trying to defend herself” says  the Daily Mail, UK. It appears the man had had a history of abusing his wife:

A friend of Mrs Aulakh said her husband ‘made her feel horrible, that she was ugly and disgusting’ and that when he went away in 2009 to spend some months in India ‘she had a positive glow.’
In divorce papers, she said he hit her throughout the marriage and even while she was pregnant, once when she took a wrong turn when driving to see a midwife, and at other times slapping her, pulling her hair and hitting her with a toy car.
Miss Shinh said she had tried to convince her to go to the police but that she had been too scared.
Mr Jafferjee said that by the weeks leading up to the murder, Aulakh was subjecting his wife to ‘sheer unmitigated harassment’.
On November 16 last year, he arranged for men to lay in wait to kill her and she was hit with what were described as at least four ‘rapid and focused’ blows to the head that left her with irreversible brain damage.
The case continues.
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