Kelsey Grammer double-disses Camille by getting engaged to new girlfriend before divorce is finalized

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Camille Grammer HUMILIATED by husband Kelsey Grammer who gets engaged to new girlfriend before divorce from Camille finalized – joe-my-god!

Ooooh. Camille Grammer must be so humiliated. And this latest move is proof positive that Kelsey is being vindictive towards his third wife, Camille. This is personal. Something she did really irked him and he wants to sock it to her. He wants to make her choke on it. This speedy gonzales engagement and impregnation that conveniently ended in a miscarriage is just too much too fast. There is speech here. He wants to humiliate Camille. Surely, Camille comes off as being a bit of a diva, doesn’t she? She seems slightly….nuts. But still, she was his wife and it was very low brow how he did the whole thing, and so quickly!

Here’s OK Magazine on the story:

While Kelsey may be celebrating his engagement, he still has to finalize his divorce from Camille. The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star filed for divorce from their 13-year marriage back in July, citing irreconcilable differences.
Kelsey and Camille have two children together, 9-year-old daughter Mason and 6-year-old son Jude.
“You don’t have to be officially divorced to get engaged — at least that’s how Kelsey Grammer sees it, and he’s given Kayte Walsh a gorgeousdiamond ring to prove it,” David Perel, Radar Online creator and executive vice president explained to PopEater. “They both look so happy and we hope it works, but for those of you keeping score, this will be Kelsey’s fourth marriage!”

That’s just embarrassing for Camille. Kelsey shouldn’t be such a bastard about it. He should have a little mercy. This latest marriage will not last and if for no other reason, it is the karma for being so inhumanely mean to his third wife – even if, as it seems, she was a bit of a beyatch. more.