The GREAT DIVORCE at Lantern Theater Company through Dec. 19

Whether The Great Divorce is a religious parable about heaven and hell or a symbolic fairy tale about choosing the right path in life or a philosophic fantasy about the nature of time and space, good and evil, it invites interpretation. Lewis (best known for his Narnia books) was a convert to Christianity. He also was English and wrote The Great Divorce in 1944-45, so that grim town and those quarrelsome, dangerous people sound a lot like London during World War II.
The Great Divorce is the centerpiece of a Lawton festival, including two more one-man shows: The Devil and Billy Markham, by Shel Silverstein (Wednesday, Saturday, and Dec. 15) and Heresy, an original piece by Lawton (Dec. 14, 15, and 18).
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The Great Divorce: Through Dec. 19, Lantern Theater Company, St. Stephen’s Theater, 10th & Ludlow Sts. Tickets $25-35. Information:, 215-829-0395.