Chelsea Lately's Angelina rant digs up Jennifer Aniston's divorce and makes Jen look jealous of Angelina

Chelsea Lately makes Jennifer Aniston look desperately jealous of Angelina – and it sucks

Chelsea Lately made a big mistake in judgement by going on that tirade against Angelina Jolie the way she did. All Chelsea accomplished was to make Jennifer the butt of everybody’s jokes again and make Jennifer look jealous; while, at the same time, Angelina comes off as being classy and above the fray. Very unfortunate.

Sure, it is perfectly understandable why Chelsea doesn’t like Angelina. Chelsea is Jen’s friend and the two were away in Cabo this past Thanksgiving. Obviously, as girlfriends, they probably briefly spoke about Angelina, who has been in the news lately while promoting her latest film with Johnny Depp, The Tourist. She and Brad even broke out the twins, so you know this is big time publicity season (by the way, is one of the twins suffering from down syndrome?)

Chelsea’s rant was the worse thing she could do to Jen. If she had taken out an ad that said, “Jen is jealous of Angelina” that might have been better. What she did just makes Jen look desperately cheap, angry and jealous. And Angelina looks like Liz Taylor in her heyday: the ultimate, classy movie star. And that is so unfair to Jennifer. Jennifer holds her own and has done well for herself under the circumstances. She does her best not to be “defined by that relationship with Brad” and I personally admire that. I know it can’t be easy. But the fact that she held it together and didn’t gain an ounce is particularly admirable. Chelsea had to go and spoil all those years of work with her bloody good intentions. If I were Jen I would be pissed at Chelsea taking me on this road to hell all over again.
Besides, this publicity is just going to make Angelina make more money when the movie is released in December. Not that the movie needs Chelsea’s promotion, it probably would have done fine on its own as most of Angelina’s movies tend to do. But now with this rant by Chelsea out there, people are more in Angelina mode; she’s on their radar and so they will see the movie. This will especially be a major slap in Jennifer’s face since her last movie, The Switch was such an embarrassing flop.

The other thing this rant accomplishes is it makes Jen look like she’s still not over Brad and I for one think she is. She has certainly worked hard on herself to hold herself together under a very tough circumstance – it would have been hard for ANYONE to get over that – and it’s so unfortunate that Chelsea had to point the spotlight all over Jen again like that. Now, no matter what the fall out, it’s not about Chelsea. It’s about Jen. And then the pity party that Jen hates so much will start again: she’s over 40; she can’t find another man; she has no kids; her movies are all tanking. While Angelina globe trots through the world as the UN Ambassador; flying helicopters; making successful movies; adopting beautiful orphans; birthing interesting looking babies; inking jewelry deals with exclusive Asprey; getting millions of dollars for pictures of her baby; and sleeping with Brad every night in one of their international homes.

It is obvious who looks like they are on top in this scenario and who may still have sour grapes.
What woman in Jennifer’s shoes would feel “happy” for Angelina? Quite seriously?
And it’s fine. Jen was doing her best to deal with it and to cope until Chelsea had to go and run her big mouth like that. Sure, it was out of a sense of loyalty for Jen. But in the end, it really only hurts Jen. It won’t affect Chelsea.
Jen just can’t catch a break. How could this have been avoided? Who knows? But it sucks, though.
What can Jen do now? Nothing. Just wait it out. That’s all she can do. And do a better job with vetting her friends. And comfort herself with the knowledge that, at least when he was with her, Brad looked like a million bucks. With Angelina, he looks like pure anguish. So there.
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