CUBA: Housing shortage forces divorced couples to live with their ex and new partner

Post divorce cohabitation in Cuba is de rigueur
Cuba seems to have some interesting divorce challenges, to wit: where to live after you get a divorce? Apparently, there is a severe housing shortage in Cuba unlike anything known in the rest of the developed world.¬† So what happens is that when a couple divorces, they are literally forced to continue living in the same home. Not till the house is sold as is the case here in the U.S. since the housing crisis – but indefinitely, often, till they die! It’s crazy. Often, couples literally build a permanent wall and stay on their side of the house while the kids, if there are kids, can roam freely throughout both sides.
It must get a bit hairy when one or the other starts dating and bringing home new mates. It is rumored that some couples set up new families in the same home with an ex spouse. That is how severe the housing shortage in Cuba is.
Also, did you know that the divorce rate in Cuba is close to 65%? Most people in Cuba have had at least two marriages and two divorces – and it’s no big deal. There isn’t any stigma to it; some surmise that the reason for this is that Cuba used to be largely an Atheist country. And if you think there is a huge amount of ex couples committing murder or something like that due to the tight quarters? Think again. That is not happening. Apparently, the Cubans have a very well developed sense of humor and are quite alright with moving on post-divorce, without acrimony, even if it means they have to continue sharing a home with their ex.
Go figure.
I would suggest a cohabitation agreement, but what would that really do for people who often own nothing, not even the very house they are forced to share? (The government owns all property in Cuba.) Read more
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