JERUSALEM: Anne Pollard, ex wife of Israeli spy Jonathan Pollard imprisoned in America, moves to Israel and begs for his release

Ex wife of Israeli spy pleads for his release

 The things you learn when you purport to do a divorce blog about “all things divorce!”

Jerusalem: An Israeli citizen, Anne Pollard has moved to Israel with the help of the Israeli Consulate in America. Her husband was convicted here in the U.S. of  spying for Israel 25 years ago, and sent to jail for life. She was also found guilty of being his accomplice, but she’s been out, although she hit hard times according to Associated Press reports:

An Israeli official said Tuesday that the first wife of Jonathan Pollard, an American imprisoned 25 years ago for spying on behalf of Israel, has moved to Israel with the government’s help. Elad Sonn, a spokesman for Israel’s immigration ministry, said Anne Pollard appealed to the Israeli consulate in New York last week for aid. Sonn says she landed in Israel on Monday with her father. Anne Pollard was arrested in 1985 and found guilty of being an accomplice to her then-husband. He pleaded guilty to passing secrets to Israel and is serving a life sentence. Israel TV reported she was homeless and in poor health.

 Wow. Even though Anne and Jonathan subsequently divorced and he re-married in jail, Anne is now pleading for his release. But what are the chances of that happening? Short of a Presidential pardon, it will be a cold day in hell before that happens, I’m thinking. What do you think? Any chance he can get out on his own recognizance?