Now that the Wassers have kicked Susman's butt in the Dodger case, looks like Dodger fans are rejoicing!?

Los Angeles: Hey, it looks like the Dodger fans in Los Angeles are liking the ruling today by a Los Angeles Superior Court judge that basically says Jamie and Frank are equal owners of the Dodgers. Why? Well, don’t look at me. I know nothing about sports and rather worse with the Dodgers. But I was reading here, and this guy Steve Lopez is waxing poetic about the ruling because now it may mean that the McCourt have to sell the Dodgers. Why is that good? Don’t look at me, but the reading between the lines of Lopez’s article is that the McCourts are lousy owners of the Dodgers and they don’t really care about the team, they only care about buying pricey real estate in Malibu. This is his words, not mine, because I was really rooting for Jamie. I am a fan and I don’t even know her. But if the fans feel she and Frank were lousy owners, who am I to contradict that? Heck, I wish I had had Jamie’s good sense and good looks to have snagged a Frank in my hey day. I wouldn’t be in the fix I am now. But hey. At least I have a blog that everybody likes to imitate. 🙂