SOMALIA: Women raped in refugee camps keep quiet due to fear of reprisal like divorce

Women in Somalia are getting raped in refugee camps left and right. Actually, it appears this heinous crime is being committed as an “act of war” all over continental Africa. ABCnews reports that this is happening quite a lot in the Congo and in Somalia. But it is very hush hush because women are afraid of “reprisals” and they are afraid of being blamed. And they are afraid their husbands will divorce them:

The Galkayo Education Center for Peace and Development said it has documented 51 cases of rape against women in Galkayo this year. Last year the center recorded 104 cases, most of them inside the refugee camps. Many more cases go unreported.

“The number is bigger than what we recorded because there are women who suffer in silence for fear of reprisals, divorce or allegations that they consented to the act,” said the center’s Saado Mohamed Ise.

Boy. What can can one say? This is truly the stuff that nightmares are made of.
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