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Post-divorce decorating tips for men – from a girl

After a divorce, a lot of men are left adrift as far as starting over. They are more likely than their wives to have left the marital residence to their spouses (so that the kids can grow up in the home they have become accustomed to) and are pressed to find new living arrangements as soon as possible. With that comes buying new furniture and kitchenware, curtains, and mattresses. Maybe that is why so many more men than women get re-married as fast as they do, post-divorce. That is because they often simply need someone to help them organize themselves and get set up again.

This post is a quick one. It is to try to dispense advice on decorating to men who are recently divorced. Ha ha. What do I know about this? Well, look, I figure with guys, it’s about earthy, primal materials. So with decorating your bachelor pad, you want to think about fabrics and materials that are masculine as being the cornerstone of your new abode. Think brick, stone, wood, leather, granite, cast iron and steel. These materials should be at the core of your decorating theme. And it’s great because, finally, you can have some freedom from all the lacy, satiny, plush-carpeted environment your ex wife forced you to put up with, and really get a functional place that appeals to the man you really are. You can even finally have your taxidermy and you can get rid of all the clutter, porcelain and silk flowers and really have a place that is manly, warm and seductive (for all the new women you are going to meet). Don’t forget to get some animal skin (faux)¬†area rugs, and make sure the place has at least one working fireplace. And a good selection of wines – which means you need a wine rack.
In terms of appliances, you can really go crazy and get the most high tech stoves, barbecue grills, refrigerators and television sets. Bosch, Blu Ray……I don’t even know the names of high tech appliances cause I’m just a girl. But you know the good stuff. You can finally get them without having to explain why you can spend all that money on high tech gadgets and she can’t buy one lousy new pair of Jimmy Choos.
Enjoy it while it lasts. The next woman who walks into your place will be calculating how long it will be before she can move all her Martha Stewart colors and appliances into it; and that is going to mean that your stuff will probably wind up in the basement. Alas.
Photos courtesy of Flickr Creative Commons
Originally published November 20, 2010