Richard Fuld protege and ex Lehman CFO Erin Callan’s happy post-divorce, and far away from Wall Street

Divorcée Erin Callan was CFO of Lehman Brothers (and pretty much Richard Fuld’s prodigy protegée ) for a few months before the bank’s spectacular implosion in the heady post-2008 crisis era.Since that time, Ms. Callan has worked briefly for Credit Suisse and then quit, and literally disappeared from Wall Street. Now all the hounds want to know where she is at.

Prior to Lehman’s implosion, Erin was the sexy CFO and brainy tax attorney who had been through a lot, including a divorce before being elevated to the top of Lehman. Apparently she was a tough cookie. Tough like one of the guys tough. Yet, people liked to talk about her wardrobe and her hair as much as her brain and career accomplishments. She was the Hillary Clinton of Wall Street, if you may – minus the misbehaving husband (he wanted the divorce because her career was accelerating ahead of his, apparently). Big things were expected of her in this male-dominated world of Wall Street. She was one of the tough women who seemed to have what it took to compete in a man’s world.

And then, just like that, she was gone and nobody knows where she is. All the other big wigs from Lehman have moved on and formed new companies, including the beleaguered Fuld. But Erin is conspicuously MIA. Well, everyone can relax. Turns out Erin is not married to her second spouse as yet but that could change soon. Rumor has it that she’s hooked up with her high school sweetheart and is living happily on the East End of Long Island in a charming cottage not far from the sea. And she has babies on the brain too. From the sound of it, the very last thing Erin Callan wants is to be anywhere near Wall Street. She’s happy. Do you hear? She is happy. So leave Erin alone. Thank you….I’m sure if she really wanted a Wall Street job, Richard Fuld would have hired her in a New York minute. So, let her be. She is happy.