LONDON: William and Kate go on the divorce offensive by getting marital advice from Archbishop of Canterbury

Filed in World Divorce News: Now there’s a smart couple. Prince William and his consort Kate Middleton are not taking any chances with their marriage. They are going on the offensive by getting marriage advice from the Archbishop of Canterbury. Says Associated Press:

The couple are expected to meet Archbishop of Canterbury Rowan Williams and Bishop of London Richard Chartres before they marry April 29, palace officials said Wednesday. Both clergy will be involved in the wedding ceremony at London’s Westminster Abbey.
“It’s customary for a priest to meet with the couple before their wedding,” said Maria Papworth, Williams’ spokeswoman. These marriage preparation sessions include discussions on how to handle marital disagreements and how to prepare for the changes brought on by parenthood. Meetings often take place in groups, but talks for the soon-to-be royal couple will be private and strictly confidential.

Good for Wills and Kate. We definitely don’t want them to be a divorce statistic like Prince Charles and Lady Diana were.¬† I doubt they will anyways, since they are older and seem to truly love each other and took the time to know each other properly. But you can’t be too¬†careful with these things. So this session with the Archbishop is a smart move and an intelligent hedge against divorce.