BRITAIN: Cheryl Cole divorce tops Google's 2010 searches

Filed in World Divorce News: UK: Want to know what made Britons tick in 2010? Key in to their Google search histories. Turns out that most of Britons were totally fascinated with Cheryl Cole’s divorce from Ashley, according to the Daily Mirror:

Cheryl Cole’s divorce from Ashley was the most talked about split online by UK internet browsers. Google has released its list of the web searches we carried out this year.
DIVORCES: Cheryl Cole from Ashley Cole,  TV evanglist Benny Hinn, Tiger Woods, Eva Longoria, Susanna Reid, Carol Kirkwood, Bam Margera, Claudia Winkleman, Avril Lavigne, Hulk Hogan

So Brits have a big time fetish for American celeb gossip it seems, but ultimately, they were most interested in one of their own, to wit, Cheryl and Ashley….speaking of divorce in UK, turns out that Charles Kennedy, Britains youngest MP to date, is getting divorced from wife Sarah Gurling. Seems the former leader of the Dems has a big time drinking problem and this proved untenable for wife Sarah. However, they are parting amicably according to sources. (Read more at Hello¬†Magazine.)

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