Christina Aguilera's sexy photos to distract attention from her divorce? Or promote a new reality show?

Who really cares about Christina Aguilera’s sleazysexy photos? And whether they were meant for her soon to be ex husband Jordan or her new boyfriend? And why is her publicist saying it was “reprehensible” to put the photos out in the public view? She took them, right? Why isn’t that reprehensible? And so what’s the big deal if they are out there? She’s an entertainer. That’s her job. Nobody expects her to be the Virgin Mary. It’s not like she’s Chelsea Clinton are Ivanka Trump or something. That would be a scandal. But this? Pure entertainment. It will be good for her career. Her cavils are  not very convincing. Was this whole fracas to distract attention from her divorce? Or to help promote a new record or reality show? Or what?