NY mayor Adam Bradley convicted of attempted assault of his soon to be ex wife – cockroach involved

Mayor Adam Bradley and his wife Fumiko Bradley are in the midst of a divorce. She has accused him of, among other things, slamming a door on her hand, and terrorizing her with a pet Madagascar “hissing” cockroach. I kid you not. The Associated Press:

Fumiko Bradley also testified about another incident, which did not figure in the charges, involving a large Madagascar hissing cockroach, which had been brought home as a pet. She said her husband once pressed the cockroach cage against her face after a fight despite knowing she had a phobia about the creature.

 You just can’t make this stuff up. Read more here. Sometimes, divorce is funny. The cockroach stories, not the assault. hahahahahaha 🙂
Remind me please, never to get married. hahahahahahaha 🙂 I’m sorry. This is actually not funny.