Post-divorce Utah women start businesses out of "sheer panic"

Associated Press reports that the state of Utah has only about 25% women owned businesses and many of these women started their business out of “sheer panic” after a divorce. The reason given for this is that most of Utah practices the Mormon religion and women in that religion are encouraged to be stay at home moms who don’t work outside the home. Of course, if for some reason a divorce happens, these women have no job skills and so they are forced to start a business out of “sheer panic.” AP:

Pam Okumara, program director for the Salt Lake Chamber of Commerce Women’s Business Center, said the numbers reflect the beliefs of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Women are encouraged by church leaders to stay at home and raise families, and about 60 percent of the state’s residents are Mormons. Staying at home can make it more difficult for a woman after a divorce. Her lack of work experience makes it more difficult to find a job, especially in a tough economy, so the woman will try to start a business out of “sheer panic,” Okumara said. But finding investors or securing a loan can be a challenge for women who lack a strong credit and earning history.

 Guess the solution for these women is to try to hold on to their marriages at all costs. more