TEXAS: Andy Beal divorce: Dallas billionaire banker sued by wife Simona for $20 billion dollars

Filed in Billionaire divorce news: Andy Beal, a banker and poker enthusiast, and ostensibly the richest man in Dallas Texas (the billionaire is estimated to be worth about $6 billion dollars by Forbes), has been sued by his wife for divorce. Mr. Beal and wife Simona Beal are enmeshed in an acrimonious divorce – and you guessed it, money is at the root of it. Simona is asking the court for USD $20 billion altogether, even though, according to Forbes, Andy is only worth about $6 billion. Dallasnews.com:

Divorce proceedings for Andy Beal and Simona Beal are under seal in a Dallas court. But a glimpse of the animosity between the two spilled onto the public stage this week, with acrimonious allegations in a lawsuit filed in civil court by Simona Beal.
She is seeking $5 billion in damages and asking that exemplary damages be awarded to the tune of $15 billion. Her lawyer, Larry Friedman, did not return calls for additional comment.
Andy Beal has built up a banking fortune by scooping up distressed assets at bargain prices, and his net worth is estimated at $6 billion by Forbes magazine. His holdings include Plano-based Beal Bank and Las Vegas-based Beal Bank Nevada.

It is unclear what the thrust of Mrs. Beal’s argument is, but is seems that sex is involved somehow. Andy’s camp is calling it “extortion.” It’s interesting, because the Dallasnews says that the two had a prenup and a postnup. That should dictate how assets will be split in the event of a divorce. But clearly, Simona wants more from the billionaire than whatever is in those contracts and she is fighting tooth and nail to get it. Andy, through his attorney Rod Phelan claims he has “never cheated on his wife in fourteen years of marriage.” The couple have four minor children together.
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