Divorce Rehab web-series: the latest divorce guilty pleasure

The latest divorce news is about Divorce Rehab.  A Boca Raton, Florida woman has started a web-series called, The Real Divorcées of Boca Raton and it’s all about women empowering themselves and each other after a divorce. There is no way I can keep up with HuffPost Divorce (I’ve pretty much given up on that already) and the Divorcees of Boca Raton. But it’s just more fun, more information, and more divorce as we roll into 2011. I predicted this, didn’t I?

Fluffed, buff and freshly blown out, the Real Divorcees of Boca Raton are gathered around Amy Botwinick’s kitchen table on a Monday afternoon, discussing their breakups.

Looking good appears to be the best revenge against cheating, mistreating husbands, judging by these eight cast members of Divorce Rehab, a web show (divorcerehab.com ) created this past summer by Botwinick, a Boca Raton chiropractor-turned-divorce therapist.
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