Happy Divorce Day: Court in Broward Country, Florida adjudicates 400 uncontested divorces in special Saturday court

Do-it-yourself pro se divorcing couples in Broward Country Florida, had a special day last Saturday when the Court had a special “divorce day.” More than 400 uncontested divorce cases were heard and folks were able to obtain a divorce within minutes of their cases being called – without any drama whatsoever. These DIY divorces (without a lawyer) were sitting on the court’s docket until someone had the brilliant idea to have a “divorce day.”

It was Family Pro Se (Latin for do-it-yourself) Day at Broward County’s main courthouse, a special docket-clearing session for people filing for uncontested divorces and name changes on their own — that is, without a lawyer.
The first-ever event was designed to make what can be a painful event as painless as possible — that meant free parking included and, for many if not most, no missing work — and to close a lot of cases, about 400.
With few no-shows and only infrequent glitches — such as the clearly unhappy guy who came alone for his divorce only to discover he may already be divorced — court administrators and customers both were ready to pronounce the half-day session a success. [more]

Maybe more jurisdictions, like New York, will soon follow suit?