Incest?! David Epstein, Columbia Pol. Sci. prof, and Huffington Post blogger in incest scandal – OMG!

A Columbia University professor has been arrested in New York for incest. He reportedly has been engaging in consensual sexual intercourse with his 24 year old daughter. David Epstein was not only a professor at a prestigious university, he was also a blogger on Huffington Post and was a very well respected columnist. There is no indication how long this sex has been going on with his daughter. But he’s been charged with one count of incest and he and his daughter were supposedly sending racy text messages to each other. Mr. Epstein is married to another professor at Columbia University named Sharyn O’Halloran. It is unclear whether she is the girl’s mother, or whether Mr. Epstein may have been previously married and divorced. Raises the question of who had custody of the girl when she was a minor? Is she a biological daughter or adopted? It really doesnt’ matter, does it? It is still incest. And it is an allegation that, once one really thinks about it, one starts to feel very, very sick.