Diandra Douglas dog with a bone? She takes the fight for 50% of Michael's pay to California

“Greed it good,” said Gordon Gekko in Wall Street. When Michael Douglas uttered those words over a decade ago, did he think it would come back to bite him in his bank vaults? Maybe not. But ex wife Diandra Douglas sure does seem like she took those words literally. The ex-Mrs. Michael Douglas brought suit against her husband in Manhattan Supreme for enforcement of a divorce settlement agreement that allegedly says Diandra gets 50% of any monies he made from sequels that relate back to movies he did while they were married. The Manhattan judge threw out the case and said he did not have jurisdiction due to a venue provision in the agreement that says that Santa Barbara had venue.
Now, the New York Post is reporting that Diandra Douglas is taking the fight to California. She insists on getting half of Michael’s salary for the Wall Street sequel. Never mind that the man is barely standing up after a bout with throat cancer. Never mind he could die. She is making it known that even if he dies, she will sue his estate and she will get her money because that was the agreement. She gets fifty percent. Is she greedy? Maybe. Is she acting like a dog with a bone? Perhaps. Can she win this thing? I think so. The movie is clearly a sequel and if the agreement says she gets 50% of the sequel, then she gets fifty percent. But should Diandra drop the whole thing though? Given that he’s sick and everything? I think so. It just looks so kinda heartless, cold and avaricious to go after a dying man for his money like that. She should waive her right to this one, out of a sense of fair play and decency and….generosity of spirit….unless of course, she’s broke and needs the money. In which case…
Image: http://www.flickr.com/photos/ctbto/4581036907/sizes/m/in/photostream/