Miley Cyrus' bong video "sad" says dad Billy Ray but is his divorce from Tish to blame?

When you announce you’re getting divorced and your teenager proceeds to start using drugs, is it your fault as a parent? Is Billy Ray Cyrus and Tish Cyrus responsible for the fact that daughter Miley, once an idol for young children, was caught on video-tape getting high on some kind of drug in a bong?

Miley melts down by turning to a drug bong

Is the drugging from the bong incident traceable to Billy Ray’s divorce? Some would argue yes. Miley is experiencing stress from her parents’ divorce and to cope, she takes to a bong to obtain oblivion where she doesn’t have to think about it. The drug in question is a step below Marijuana according to the ladies on The View. Whoopie Golberg said it was “salvia.” Or something such. Never heard of it but Whoopie says it’s “dirty pot”, or something such and it’s dirty because it doesn’t make you get a high. It’s a “piece of garbage” she says. Meaning what? I don’t know. Perhaps it’s good stuff if it actually makes you high? Is that the subtext?
Whatever the subtext, is it a huge surprise that someone like Miley was caught with drugs – of whatever nature? She always seemed way older than her years for one thing. A child like that is going to try adult things before long. Her childhood was interrupted. But the divorce of her beloved parents could also push her to derelict behavior as well.¬† It’s a form of rebellion in a weird sort of way. It’s her way of saying, “whatever, I don’t care if you are destroying this family.”
Still. A poor excuse. She’s a big girl. She doesn’t have to blame her drug use on her parents divorce. Just admit she’s doing it because she wants to try it. I’d have more respect for her. And then if she doesn’t ever do this or anything like it again? I’ll make her my own personal hero.