The Grammer Sex Tape: Is Camille Grammer threatening to release a sex tape of her and Kelsey Grammer?

Does Camille Grammer have sex tapes of her and Kelsey she is shopping around?

The Gammer Sex Tapes: Oh my heavenly father…..No reputable press have picked this up yet, but the rumors around the web today is that Camille Grammer may have a sex tape of her and Kelsey Grammer and is threatening to shop it around………for what?

Kelsey Grammer sex tapes? Say it isn't so!

What and why would she think that she could find anyone to purchase something of this caliber? It’s a horror show to even contemplate!I mean, Kelsey is a hottie and everything, but the thought of his naked posterior romping around with Camille on some sex tape ¬†is more than just a little bit frightening. Please, Camille, do not release this tape if it exists. Frankly, no one over the age of 30 should ever make a sex tape and definitely they should not allow anyone to see it. Please Camille. Do not degrade yourself by releasing a sex tape of you and Kelsey Grammer. Nobody wants to see that. Take the high road. Start dating Steve Bing. Or something. But don’t release a sex tape of you and Kelsey.¬† It will frighten the patridges in the pear trees, my dear girl. It really will. Stop! In the name of god before you lose you mind! Think it over, Camille.