Scarlett Johansson Divorce: She and Ryan Reynolds call off their marriage

Latest celebrity divorce gossip: Scarlett Johansson gets divorced:

Scarlett gets divorced after just two years

The Los Angeles Times is reporting that Scarlett Johannson and Ryan Reynolds are getting a divorce. Holy @#$&! Right? Are you stunned? I’m stunned. I have say I was totally taken by surprise on this one. They were only married two years ago, have no children, and apparently just bought a multi-million dollar home in Los Angeles. What could have been so irreconcilable so quickly? This is exactly what I mean by celebrities not being able to handle marriage. The divorce rate for this demographic is just ridiculous! Seriously.  They (celebrities) all should stop getting married till they figure out what it means to make a commitment to someone for better or for worse. Now I have to add Scarlett to our list of shocking celebrity divorces of 2010. She is number thirteen! Jo my god!